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Twelfth (12th) Anniversary Gift Ideas

skyeFragile, attractive, graceful, and elegant – the Silk Anniversary is all this and much more.  Celebrate the intricately woven experiences you've shared with an equally beautifully woven fabric.  Or commemorate how your love has grown from a mere speck into something indescribably wonderful with the modern 12th anniversary symbol--the pearl.  Below are some of my favorite 12th anniversary gift ideas:

The traditional symbol of the Twelfth Wedding Anniversary is Silk.

Traditional Silk Gift Ideas for a 12th Wedding Anniversary:
  • Buy her a matching set of silk pajamas and silk robe.
  • Buy him a week’s worth of silk boxer shorts.
  • For those with brown thumbs rather than green ones, purchase a beautiful silk flower arrangement.  They stay beautiful and last for years.
  • Grab two spoons, curl up on the couch with each other, and enjoy a gallon of French Silk ice cream together.
  • Enhance his business wardrobe with some new silk ties.
  • Treat her to a new silk scarf in her favorite color or pattern.
  • Plan a trip for two to Japan where beautiful Japanese women wearing colorful silk kimonos will surround you.
  • Share the luxuriousness between a crisp set of new silk sheets.

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The modern symbol of the Twelfth Wedding Anniversary is Pearls.

Modern Gift Ideas for a 12th Wedding Anniversary:
  • A fine, hand-knotted string of pearls will always go over well.
  • Add to that, the matching pearl earrings and she’ll be yours for another 12 years.
  • For the businessperson, buy them a new set of desk accessories, including an elegant letter opener with a Mother-of-Pearl inlaid handle.
  • For the gamer, purchase a pearl-inlaid chess, checker or backgammon board.
  • Plan a trip for two to Tahiti to visit a pearl farm.  While there, rent scuba equipment and go in search of your own pearly treasures.
  • Print tickets, grab the Goobers and host a private screening for two of the movie “Pearl Harbor.”
  • If he’s a drummer, buy him a new set of Pearl kick drums.

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