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Nineteenth (19th) Anniversary Gift Ideas

skye19th anniversary already?  How your love for one another has endured and remained lustrous--much as the modern symbol of the 19th wedding anniversary--bronze.  Below are some of my favorite 19th anniversary gift ideas:

There is no traditional symbol for the Nineteenth Wedding Anniversary.

Some General Gift Ideas for a 19th Wedding Anniversary:
  • To immortalize your lover as your partner, Have his or her bust sculpted in bronze.  Or, capture the feeling of timeless love forever with a bronze statue of the two of you together.
  • Bouquet of real flowers wilt and die, but bouquet of flowers created from bronze remain a symbol of your undying lover for her
  • Buy his special gardening tools set in bronze and watch the magic of your gift transform your backyard into a blossoming garden!
  • Gift yourself fireplace accessories in bronze and experience the heat of passion embrace you
  • An ornate sculpture in bronze will be the perfect addition to your mantelpiece
  • Gift a set of well crafted bookends in bronze.  The choice is extensive and the reason only one
  • Sponsor an animal at a local Zoo.  Purchasing a bronze membership is a perfect good deed to cement this occasion

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The modern symbol of the Nineteenth Wedding Anniversary is Bronze.

Modern Gift Ideas for a 19th Wedding Anniversary:
  • Buy him a bronze statue of his favorite historical figure; purchase a bronze statue of a horse or other favorite animal for her.
  • Keep your Bronze Goddess sun kissed by giving her gift certificates to a local tanning facility.
  • If a real tan is what you’re after, plan a romantic beach getaway for two.
  • If, somewhere tucked away in the back of her closet, she still has the satin slippers she wore at your wedding, having them bronzed will make a lasting gift.
  • For the golfer, order personalized bronze golf tees and bronze marker sets.
  • For a really romantic gift, write her a poem and have it engraved in bronze, then framed.

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