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Traditional (Paper) First (1st) Anniversary Gift Ideas

Skye--Gift ConsultantYour first anniversary? Congratulations! But I know what you're thinking--paper? How romantic can a paper anniversary gift possibly be? What am I, some kind of cheapskate? However, with a little creativity, memories of your first anniversary will be fondly reflected upon years later. Here are some of my favorite paper gift ideas for first anniversaries:
  • Is your sweety a reader? An obvious first anniversary paper gift choice is a desired book. Or perhaps a subscription to a favorite magazine could serve as a monthly reminder of your love.
  • A book of love poems, with your favorites bookmarked with rose petals, and handwritten love notes in the margins is sure to make that special someone's heart melt.
  • Tickets for a romantic getaway, or for a night out at the theatre or a favorite band's concert, always make fantastic anniversary gifts.
  • Don't forget about gift certificates! Although gift certificates are often thought of as somewhat impersonal, they can be an exciting part of a well-planned first anniversary (for example--a gift certificate for lingerie, a spa day, or a sensual couple's massage!)
  • A beautifully framed art print, perhaps of a romantic place you've visited or would like to visit, or of something that has special significance for you two (like a movie poster of the movie you saw on your first date) could be a lovely paper first anniversary gift.
  • Create your own (or buy a book of) "love coupons," redeemable at any time, for "special" favors (use your imagination!)

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Modern (Clocks) First (1st) Anniversary Gift Ideas

OK, so paper gifts just aren't your thing. You want something different--something modern. How about clocks? Clocks are the modern first anniversary gift alternative to paper. But what's romantic about a clock, you ask? Just remember--it's never about the gift--it's about that gift's meaning--what that gift can symbolize or embody about your love for one another. With that in mind, I think you'll see that clocks can be easily incorporated into your first anniversary celebration:
  • Plan a romantic trip to see the father of all clocks--Big Ben in London! Present your love with a clock set to London time, and just wait until they ask why the time is set wrong...sure to be an unforgettable first anniversary!
  • Create 24 love notes--one to be opened for each hour of the day of your first anniversary. Alternatively, post 12 love notes around a new clock--each hour will serve as a reminder of your love.
  • A cuckoo clock as a first anniversary gift could show how "crazy" or "insanely" in love you are!
  • A grandfather clock is not only beautiful--it becomes an heirloom of your love that can be passed through generations. You'll be able to tell your grandchildren how on your first anniversary, you gave/received this clock as a symbol of how both time and your love is eternal, and will last forever.
  • His and hers matching watches with lovingly crafted inscriptions about how your love is "timeless" are guaranteed to please on your first anniversary.

Got a great anniversary gift idea? Be sure to submit it via the comment form on this page! Also, check out our Anniversary Stories section for funny, outrageous, (and sometimes sad) stories of anniversaries past, submitted by our readers. And don't forget to stop by our Anniversary Gift Store, the best place to buy anniversary presents online!

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