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Second (2nd) Anniversary Gift Ideas

skye Whew! No longer newlyweds, but don't let that newlywed feeling fade! The 2nd wedding anniversary is a major step towards a long and happy future together.  Below are some of my favorite traditional (cotton) and modern (china) gift ideas for a second anniversary:

Traditional Cotton Gift Ideas for a 2nd Wedding Anniversary:

  • Indulge her with luxurious Egyptian Cotton bed linens.
  • Print movie tickets, pop some popcorn and have a home screening of the movie “Cotton Club”.
  • Order monogrammed fine cotton handkerchiefs.
  • Purchase His/Her cotton bathrobes.  Pamper each other with a sensual massage.
  • If she’s a gardener, purchase her a new pair of cotton gardening gloves and Cosmos seeds.  Cosmos is the traditional flower of Second Anniversary.
  • Purchase and set up a two-person cotton hammock under the shade tree in your yard.  Enjoy an afternoon nap together.
  • Buy personalized monogrammed cotton towels for her bathroom.
  • Take her to the local fair and treat her to as much cotton candy as she wants.  No circus in town?  Rent a cotton candy machine and whip up your own.
  • Plan a trip to Memphis, Tennessee to visit The Cotton Museum.  Hit up Graceland while you’re there.

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The modern symbol of the Second Wedding Anniversary is China.

Modern Gift Ideas for a 2nd Wedding Anniversary:
  • Plan an Afternoon Tea.  Surprise her with a new tea set from China.
  • Take her out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.
  • Order custom fortune cookies with personalized messages printed on the fortunes inside.
  • Plan a vacation to China.
  • Plant a Chinese Dogwood Tree together.  You’ll both enjoy its beautiful blooms for years to come.
  • Choose a couple Chinese symbols that hold meaning for you.  Have them hand painted and framed and hung in your bedroom.
  • Buy an expensive gift – like a nice piece of jewelry – but present it to her in a Chinese take-out box.  She’ll be surprised to find such a wonderful gem in such an ordinary vessel.
  • Give him a Chinese Feng Shui Serenity Pillow.
  • Present her with a hand painted Chinese greeting card featuring the Chinese symbol for Love.
  • The Chef would appreciate a new Chinese wok or bamboo steamer.

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