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Eighth (8th) Anniversary Gift Ideas

skye 8 years together?  Congratulations on reaching your 8th anniversary.  Your love is obviously strong and shining (such as bronze), and simultaneously delicate and intricate (such as linens and lace).  Enjoy some tradtional and modern 8th anniversary gift ideas below:

The traditional symbol of the Eighth Wedding Anniversary is Bronze.

Traditional Bronze Gift Ideas for a 8th Wedding Anniversary:
  • Buy him a bronze statue of his favorite historical figure; purchase a bronze statue of a horse or other favorite animal for her.
  • Keep your Bronze Goddess sun kissed by giving her gift certificates to a local tanning facility.
  • If a real tan is what you’re after, plan a romantic beach getaway for two.
  • If, somewhere tucked away in the back of her closet, she still has the satin slippers she wore at your wedding, having them bronzed will make a lasting gift.
  • For the golfer, order personalized bronze golf tees and bronze marker sets.
  • For a really romantic gift, write her a poem and have it engraved in bronze, then framed.

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The modern symbol of the Eighth Wedding Anniversary is Linens or Lace.

Modern Gift Ideas for an 8th Wedding Anniversary:
  • New bed linens in her favorite color make a nice gift.
  • If you’re not sure what choice to make as far as linens go, buy a gift certificate to your local bedding store.
  • Choosing lingerie generally benefits both of you in the long run.
  • Lace Doilies make an elegant gift.  If you can find antique doilies, even better.
  • For the traveler, a linen-scented candle and linen spray to go make them feel at home when they are on the road.
  • Monogrammed linen tablecloth and matching linen napkins are items that can be shared by the entire family.
  • Order personalized fine linen stationery for her.  Extra points if you come up with the design yourself.
  • What woman doesn’t love to lounge around the house in a luxurious linen pajama gift set?
  • For her - embroidered monogrammed lace handkerchiefs; for him, embroidered monogrammed suit pocket hankies.
  • Share a box of gourmet lace cookies.

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