Seventeenth (17th) Anniversary Gift Ideas

skye Ever notice how a good piece of furniture only gets more beautiful with age? Ah, and such is your love for each other.  Celebrate 17 wonderful years together with the modern symbol of the 17th anniversary--furniture.  Below are some of my favorite 17th anniversary gift ideas:

There is no traditional symbol for the Seventeenth Wedding Anniversary.

Some Gift Ideas for a 17th Wedding Anniversary:
  • A time to be together and a time for reaffirming the commitment vows
  • Have his den or rec room remodeled. Surprise him!
  • Give her old, rickety chair, stored in the attic, a facelift and watch her face light up
  • Pick up a nice wooden carving for your living room
  • Buy him an antique finish CD rack to hold his invaluable collection and restore order in your bedroom!
  • Go on a surprise weekend drive to a log cabin by the lake. Get lost in each other’s arms and the beauty of your surroundings. Don’t forget to bring the Bubbly!
  • Gift her 17 packs of most exotic chocolates, one for each loving year of your marriage
  • Order an Anniversary Cake from your local bakery.  Have them place 17 candles on it.

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The modern symbol of the Seventeenth Wedding Anniversary is Furniture.

Modern Gift Ideas for a 17th Wedding Anniversary:
  • Buy her a new vanity set.  Antique is good!
  • He would love a comfy new recliner.  Make sure it has pockets for all his remote controls.
  • Choose a new dining room set for the entire family to enjoy.
  • Buy a porch swing or outdoor dining set so that you can enjoy the sunsets together.
  • A new sofa and love seat combo can give an old room a new kick.
  • Buy him that corner bar set up he’s always wanted.
  • Visit an Amish wood shop and pick out a nice log yard swing.
  • Hang a new hammock for two between a pair of shade trees. Fall asleep together for a cozy Saturday afternoon nap.

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Written by TY, on 11-03-2007 10:16

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